Futon Sale

When you have the right frame and the right mattress, a futon can be a great piece of furniture for any room in your home. A great mattress will function as beautifully as a cushion when your futon is acting as a couch as it does as a really mattress when your futon is being used as a bed. Here at Harleysville Mattress, we have both the very best futon mattresses and the very best futon frames.

Picking the Right Futon Mattress

How do you pick the right futon mattress for your futon? We have four different thicknesses and four different styles to choose from. Any of these mattresses would be a good option for our futon and which one you ultimately choose will depend on how thick you want your mattress to be and what features you want it to have. Our mattresses, as you can see above, are the:

  • 8″ Double Foam Futon Mattress – This mattress is medium to firm, making it perfect for those that like a little bit more support when they sleep. This mattress is also a great option for futons that will spend the majority of their time as seating, since the firm mattress will stand up to more use than softer varieties. This mattress is called double foam because it employs to layers of foam, surrounding by cotton batting for great durability and support.
  • 9″ Feather Touch Futon Mattress – On the other end of the spectrum from our double foam futon mattress, is this feather touch variety. It is designed to have the durability of any other futon mattress, with the extreme plushness of a featherbed. For those that like to be swaddled in their mattresses and also want extra-soft seating, this mattress will do the trick.
  • 6″ Single Foam Futon Mattress – This mattress also has a foam core, but instead of two pieces, has only a single piece, surrounding by cotton batting. Because it only has one foam piece, it is less firm than the double foam version, but it is still a great option for those who like medium to soft firmness and perhaps want a thinner mattress for their futons.
  • 8″ Comfort Coil Futon Mattress – This mattress is perhaps closer to what most people think of when they think of a mattress. The combination of springs and cotton batting create a firm, sturdy, durable mattress that will work well on any of our frames. Those who want a mattress for a futon that performs best when it is being used as a bed will prefer this mattress.
  • 9″ Premium Wool Wrap Futon Mattress – For the futon owner that wants a firm mattress, this is likely going to be the best choose. With two layers of high-density foam, cotton batting, surrounding by wrapping of wool, this mattress is extremely durable and will offer plenty of support when sleeping or when sitting.

Picking the right mattress for your futon will simply be a matter of choosing the firmness and thickness that best works for you. Harleysville Mattress is sure to have a futon mattress that works for your needs! Come down to our showroom to see each of these varieties in person!

Picking the Right Futon Frame

Finding a great frame for your futon mattress doesn’t have to be difficult. With lots of different options to choose from, picking a frame that looks as great set up for seating as it does laid flat for sleeping is easy. Here is a brief overview of the nine different futon frames that we currently offer:

  • Albany Futon Frame – This frame may seem very basic, but it can look modern in the right room. It is black, with clean lines that will look great with any futon mattress and cover. This frame will make comfortable seating during the day and a great bed at night.
  • Trinity Futon Frame – For those that want a little more visual interest when it comes to a futon frame, Trinity is a great option. With side slats, and a dark brown color, this frame will look great with both classic and modern décor.
  • Winston Tray-Arm Futon Frame – What makes this futon frame special are the swing-up tray-arms. These tray-arms are great for adding somewhere to set a book or a drink while you are sitting or sleeping on this frame. It comes in two colors: a rich natural wood and a dark brown.
  • Kingston Futon Frame – With even more detail, Kingston makes a great option for someone looking for a futon frame that makes a statement and controls the room. It has a medium, natural wood finish that can coordinate with both light and dark furniture colors and room décor.
  • Fuji Chocolate Futon Frame – While this frame might look very simple, the sharp details make it truly unique. It has Japanese-inspired style lines, but will look great in any room of your home.
  • Naples Tray-Arm Futon Frame – If you like the tray-arm style but want a frame that has a little more detail and design, the Naples Tray-Arm frame is the perfect frame to choose. With tapered legs and beautiful finish, this futon frame will look beautiful alongside other classically styled furniture.
  • Corona Futon Frame – The Corona frame is the ultimate is rustic design. With great design elements and details and a natural wood finish, it will be the perfect addition to a room that needs seating or a place to sleep.
  • Venice Futon Frame – With rolled arms, delicately tapered legs, and a beautiful color, the Venice frame definitely lives up to its namesake. For those looking for a great frame that does more than just hold a futon mattress, this is a great choice.
  • Key West Futon Frame – The first thing you’ll notice about this frame is how clean and simple it looks. Then, you will begin to notice the small design details that truly make it special. For anyone looking for a futon frame that will mesh with just about any décor, this is a great choice.

Every futon frame that Harleysville Mattress offers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different size mattresses and to provide ample seating and sleeping for any space.