10 Creative Ways to Use a Futon

ways to use a futon

If you have a futon in your home, you might be looking for creative ways to use a futon. There was a summer I worked for a tiny magazine on the east coast, based out of the owner’s apartment. The futon in his front room was my office. Here are ten creative ways to use a futon in your home or office.

1. As your primary couch

A futon is meant to be a couch by day and a bed by night, but most people stick them off in a spare room and hardly ever use them. This is not the true destiny of a high quality futon with a comfortable mattress. Instead of hiding your futon, put it front and center in your living room. This is a great option, especially if you choose a futon that doesn’t really look like a futon. You’ll get all the utility of the futon, without actually having to have room for a spare bed.

2. In your office

If you have a room in your home that acts as an office, why not allow it to double as your spare bedroom? When a guest comes to visit, you can easily convert it into a bedroom by pulling your futon out flat. Alternatively, if you want to sneak in a quick nap during your work day and don’t want to leave the office and risk getting distracted by household chores, you could always pill it out and take a nap on it in the middle of the day. A futon in your office ensures that you always have room for guests and a quiet place to nap.

3. In your television room

You might often feel like you want a place to lay down while you are watching television. When you put a futon in your television room, you’ll have just the space. The best part is that unlike just sticking a daybed in that room, the futon can act as a sofa most of the time. Your guests will likely feel less awkward about sitting on a futon to watch a movie or the big game than they will sitting on an actual bed.

4. As a cheap alternative to a bed

Many people, especially those who are simply renting apartments and do not want to buy a large bed, frame, and mattress that are difficult to move around inside that apartment or from apartment to apartment, might often find themselves sleeping on just a mattress, on the ground. While there are ways to make this a little more stylish than just throwing a mattress on the ground, a futon is a much cheaper alternative and adds a lot more style to a room. Especially in small or efficiency apartments where there is no bedroom, a futon is a much classier option that provides both seating and a comfortable place to sleep.

5. In the family room

You might have another couch or seating area besides your futon, but that doesn’t mean that you might not want a futon in your family room. Not only does this make it into a place for a guest to stay, it also provides more comfortable seating, either for a gathering or just for sitting and enjoying the room.

6. In the basement

If you have a finished basement, this is the perfect place for a futon. Not only does it make the basement a great place for a sleepover for the kids, it also makes it easy to convert the space from a great location for the kids to play or the grownups to hang out, but also into the ideal place to put a guest when they want to stay over.

7. As seating in a teen’s room

Most teens want to find a way to make their room a little more functional for gatherings of friends. While a bed can be a nice place to gather, a futon can provide additional seating. It could double as the main bed in the room, but it might also just be a place for a friend to sleepover if they stay too late.

8. As mezzanine seating

If your home has a mezzanine area, you might be at a loss for what to do with the extra space. This could be the ideal location for a futon. Not only will it act as a little room for a guest, it could also be the perfect place to take a power nap in the middle of the day. Pair it up with a few chairs and a coffee table and you will have a complete space that plays more than one role.

9. As a bed in a room for more than one child

A room that two children share can quickly become crowded with beds. You can make the space a little more functional by providing one or both of the children with futons instead of twin beds. They can easily turn them into couches for seating or when they need more floor space and then back into bed when it’s time to sleep.

10. Seating in your bedroom

If you often find yourself hosting guests but you do not want to invest in a rollaway bed and a blow up bed is too big and bulky, a futon in your own bedroom can be a great alternative. And when you are not using it, you can simply use it as seating in your own bedroom.

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