Mattress Sale Philadelphia

Mattress Sale in Philadelphia

hero-sub-sealy-gel-300x186Mattresses are notoriously expensive, and though everyone needs one, most people will go decades in between buying new beds, simply because they are so expensive. A new mattress could mean a better night’s sleep. Though we don’t notice it from day to day, you may begin to notice that you do not sleep as well as you used to or that you are waking up tired or sore in the morning. These can both be symptoms of an old mattress—one that needs to be replaced.

How do you know it’s time to replace a mattress?

The main symptom of an old mattress is waking up sore. Sleep should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. However, if you have an old mattress, you will wake up still feeling tired and may even experience pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. More specifically, your mattress may have a hollow in the center, where the springs have been compressed so often that they no longer bounce back to their original place.

We carry only the best mattresses, and at sale prices. We know that it can be difficult to find the right mattress, at the right price, especially if you are both in desperate need of a new mattress and have a limited budget. Right now is the perfect time to replace your mattress because we are having the biggest mattress sale Philadelphia has to offer!

What kind of mattress should I buy?

choicesleeperpluh.2-150x150What kind of mattress you buy will largely depend on what kind of support you prefer. We have a wide range of mattresses that vary from the very soft to the very firm. Some people do not like to sleep in a very soft bed. It can hurt their shoulders and back to sink into a mattress. Others find that sleeping on a firm mattress is like sleeping on the ground, and that it does not provide the kind of support their body needs.

The best way to find the right mattress for your sleeping needs is to come into our showroom and try a few models! Our knowledgeable staff can ensure that you find the right mattress for your sleeping needs and your budget.

Why buy a new mattress from us?

Simmons MattressWe are proud to carry one of the widest selections of mattresses in Philadelphia, at extremely low prices, so that anyone who needs a mattress can find the one that fits their budget. For more information about our selection or how we can help you replace or purchase a mattress, give us a call or stop by or store today!