10 Ways To Determine Mattress Quality

Determine Mattress Quality

Sleep. We are always craving more of it and never seem to get enough of it. Having a comfortable room with a quality mattress to sleep on is very important if you want a good night’s sleep, but it can be difficult knowing what the best quality mattress is for you. Often times mattress quality is subjective and no two people will feel the same way and on top of that it is a big investment so you want to make the right choice the first time. Don’t worry though, there are some ways to determine mattress quality.

Here are 10 ways to determine mattress quality:

Research. Research. Research

There is no one size or brand fits all mattress for everybody. That is why doing your research is so important. Think about the qualities you enjoy most in a mattress and then do some research to see which brands will meet those criteria the best while still fitting into your budget. The more shopping around you do also the more likely you will find a good deal on your favorite mattress which is an added boon. It is also a good idea to ask family and friends for suggestions as well. The more prepared you are, the easier the whole process will be.

Shop at a store you trust

There are many places you can shop for a mattress. Most furniture stores, department stores and mattress stores sell them, but don’t go just to anybody. Only shop at a store where you trust the staff to give you accurate information and to be attentive and helpful. A knowledgeable retail sales associate can help steer you in the right direction depending on your needs and budget. If you have done your homework correctly, you will feel confident in your final choice.

Test-drive as much as possible

There are certain purchases you can’t really get a good feel for unless you actually try them out first. Of course a car is one of them. That is why the dealership always let you take a car out for a spin before you buy it. Mattresses are very similar. While you can’t take the mattress home with you for a few days, you can lie down on it and test it out in the store. Make sure you take the time to actually lie down in your favorite sleep position for a good 15 to 20 minutes. This is not a purchase that should be rushed.  Rushing through the buying process you risk being stuck with an uncomfortable mattress for many sleepless nights.

Comfort and fit should be your priority

Just like with a good pair of jeans, you want your mattress to be comfortable to sleep in and conform to your body shape and how you sleep. You know from all those Sleep Number commercials that everyone has a different preference –soft or firm—when it comes to a mattress, so you need to listen to your body and focus on what is comfortable for you and no one else. Unless of course you are sharing the bed with someone else…Then I guess it is good to consider their needs too…

Avoid saggy mattresses

While you don’t have to necessarily have a firm mattress, too much sag in the middle of a mattress isn’t good either. The test drive should give you a good indication of this is going to be a problem with the mattress you are looking at.

Older isn’t Better

Vintage clothes and furniture can be cool and hip, but never go with a vintage mattress. Not only will it most likely not still have its proper structure, it could also be a potential fire hazard. Only mattresses made after July 2007 are required to meet regulations for fire resistance.

Don’t be a brand snob

Don’t end up spending more for a brand name mattress when most mattresses use the same coils. How the mattress feels is going to be a better indicator of quality than any brand name will be.

Consider all your options

While a new mattress might not have as many options as say a new Ferrari, there are some choices you should consider before making your final choice. For one, if you tend to suffer from allergies, especially from dust mites and molds, you will want a hypoallergenic mattress. Another option is to use a mattress cover for extra protection. You can get a pillow top mattress and some mattresses are adjustable so if you find that you are more comfortable in a reclining position than this option will be especially important to you. If you and your partner tend to like a different type of mattress then you might want to consider one which allows you to have different settings on each side of the bed.

Avoid gimmicky sales pitches

You might hear that a certain mattress is good for orthopedic issues or is medically approved for certain health conditions and this might sound real good and trustworthy, but there is no certification process for this keep your skeptical glasses on and don’t trust everything you hear.

Get a warranty

Make sure you get a warranty and extra protection on your mattress and ask about the return policy. This can be an expensive purchase so you want to make sure that you are not just throwing your money away.

Other important things to keep in mind is that you should replace your mattress and your box spring every eight years for best quality. At this time the material starts to breakdown and your bed might start to feel uncomfortable and lump. If you wake up with lots of aches and pains or not feeling refreshed, then that is usually a good sign that you need to upgrade to a new mattress and box spring. The structure of the box spring also compresses over time from you sleeping on it, which is why it is important to switch this out too.

Check out your mattress options in the Harleysville area and remember that a quality mattress is essential for your sleep health.

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