9 Reasons Why You Should Try a Mattress before You Buy It

try a mattress

One of the biggest problems with buying a mattress online and having it delivered to your door is not being able to try out that mattress before actually paying for it. While going to a store might take a little bit more time, it provides you with a much better idea of whether or not the mattress is going to work for you. Why do you need to try out a mattress before you buy it? Here are nine reasons.

1. Mattress firmness is not standardized.

What one website might call a firm mattress another website might call a soft mattress. There are no real standards for what those terms mean from brand to brand. This means that you cannot just look at firm mattresses and assume that they are all going to feel exactly the same once you are laying on them. The only way to really experience how firm a mattress is going to be is by going to the store and personally laying on each mattress.

2. Materials create different types of support.

It is impossible to know how a firm mattress that is made out of high density foam is going to stand up against a mattress with springs that claims to be firm. Different materials are going to significantly affect how a mattress feels underneath you, but you won’t know the difference until you actually try out the different types of materials and how they feel to you.

3. Reviews from other customers are not always reliable.

For example, if you have been sleeping on a very soft mattress for a few years, moving to a firm mattress can be difficult. You’ll feel like you are sleeping on a board. Customers will leave reviews to this effect, providing a too harsh or uninformative review, which you might take as gospel, without realizing that the customer does not really know what they are talking about. Reviewers will claim that a mattress is just too hard when that type of support might actually be exactly what you need. You don’t purchase that mattress because of the reviews and end up with a mattress that doesn’t actually help you sleep better.

4. Promises about firmness might not be true.

A website can tell you that their mattresses are soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to support you. How can you really know whether or not a firmness is right for you? By trying it out. It is a much bigger hassle to order a mattress, try it out for a few nights, and then try to send it back than it is to simply visit a mattress store and spend some time trying the mattresses out before you buy.

5. What you think you want might not be what you actually want.

You think that you want a firm mattress, but you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for ten years. That mattress feels nothing like it did when you first purchased it. What’s going to be comfortable now might not be what was comfortable then. You’ll never know if you don’t actually try out some other mattresses before buying. Maybe you still do want a firm mattress, but you might also buy a firm mattress online and discover that you are no longer sleeping well.

6. Your old mattress could be confusing you.

If you are sleeping on an old mattress, one that you have had for more than five years, you are sleeping on old technology. Mattress design has changed significantly over the last ten years, bringing us better designs and better materials. You might think you want what you’ve always had (which is what most people do when they buy a mattress without trying it out first), but if you don’t know what new options are available to you, you could be missing out on a great new mattress.

7. There is a lot of misinformation out there about mattresses.

Every company is claiming that they have the very best, the most advanced solution to your nighttime woes. They all have special foam, special structures, special fabrics. How can you know which claims you can actually trust? The only way to know what really words for you is to try out the different types of mattresses. If the technology works for you, then you should buy that mattress. If it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t buy that mattress.

8. You’ll get help from a mattress expert.

The role of the people on the sales floor is not just to point at the mattresses that have the firmness you’re looking for. They want to hear about what you need from a mattress and what sleep issues you might be experiencing. You might not even realize that it is your ultra-soft mattress that is causing your back pain until you talk to a salesperson and learn that a mattress that is too soft can be just as bad as a mattress that is not soft enough.

9. You’ll find a better mattress, probably at a better price.

Many people buy before they try out a mattress because they want to get a great deal on that mattress, not realizing that they are buying into a mattress that might not be right for them. They’ll sleep on it for a few year and then have to get a new mattress when they start to have back pain. When you try a mattress before you buy, you can be sure you are getting the perfect mattress that will serve you for years to come.

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