Buying Guide: Finding a Comfortable Futon

comfortable futon

Anyone who has ever slept on a futon can probably tell your horror stories. When I moved home again after my first year of college and discovered my parents had converted my room into a gym, I slept on a futon in my little sister’s room and had the back pain to prove it. But a futon doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Whether you want a futon to be your primary bed or you just want something comfortable for guests when they stay over, a futon is a great option, if you know how to find one with a comfortable design and mattress. Here’s how to find a comfortable futon.

1. Look for something interchangeable.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a futon over some other type of bed is that it is inherently flexible. It can be a bed and a sofa. You do not want to box yourself in to just one style or frame too quickly. Look for something that will provide you with a high degree of customization and flexibility, both when it comes to design and when it comes to function. Particularly when it comes to your mattress, look for one that allows you to change the cover by just unzipping the old one and zipping on a new one. This will allow you to mold the appearance of your futon to meet the needs of your particular room, even if you need to change rooms or want to change the style or function of the current room.

2. Next, look for comfort.

Here is where futon shopping can become difficult. You have a wide variety of different futon mattresses to choose from and some that might be comfortable for someone else may not be comfortable to you. You best option is to look for a high quality foam mattress. This provides you with a number of benefits. First of all, the foam will easily bend and will remain firm and comfortable when you are using the futon as a couch. Second, it will also bounce back easily and lie flat when you want to use the futon as a bed. This type of mattress is more likely to be comfortable for a wide variety of sleepers. It is usually firm enough for those that like firm mattresses, while being soft enough for those that prefer soft mattresses. If a foam mattress is not acceptable, there are a wide variety of mattresses made specifically for futons, including versions that include coils, that can provide a great deal of support, especially when the futon is being used as a couch. Many of these mattresses are made with foam overlays and fillers, so you still have plenty of softness.

3. Look for price.

It is important to remember that no matter how expensive your futon and mattress are, this choice is going to be far less expensive that your standard sleeper sofa. Not only this, a sleeper sofa is also going to be very heavy and there are far fewer design choices, meaning that it is unlikely that you are going to find one that you actually like. Most people prefer a futon not just because it is more flexible and because it provides you with the opportunity to buy a higher quality futon, for the same price as a low-quality sleeper sofa. This means that you are probably going to be able to buy a more comfortable futon, especially if you are trying to choose between a high end futon and low end sleeper sofa. Your best bet will always be to choose the futon. Even high quality futons are likely not going to break the bank.

4. Look for something that is easy to move.

Many people buy a futon not just so they have a place to sleep, but so that their guests have a place to sleep. This may mean that you want to chance the location of your futon over the time that it is in your home. While you might keep it in your living room, you might want to move it into your office to give your guest a little more privacy. Look for a futon that is either light and easy to move or that can be easily disassembled and reassembled in the new location. Unlike other piece of furniture that, when they are easy to disassemble and reassemble, may look cheap, you can likely find a futon that is easy to move, without looking cheap, even if it actually was inexpensive.

5. Take some time to actually test out the futon.

Before making a firm decision about which futon you want to purchase, make sure that you take adequate time to actually test the futon. This means that you need to sit on the futon when it is both a couch and when it is a bed, lie on the futon, and really experience how it feels to sleep on it. A futon might feel great when you first lay down on it, but as you sink into the mattress, you might start to feel the frame through the mattress. You’ll only really know whether or not you are buying a comfortable futon if you actually take the time to lie on it, not just for a minute, but for a few minutes. Try several different mattresses and designs before ultimately choosing one for your home. You want to make sure you get one that doesn’t just look great, but also functions great.

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  1. Kevin Brown says:

    That is a great idea to bring your own pillow and lay down on the mattress for awhile. Using your own pillow will put you in the position you will most likely be sleeping in so you can better see how the mattress will feel every night. I will have to tell my friend about bringing her pillow when she goes out for a new mattress. Thank you for the awesome information!

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