Can I still find a two-sided, flippable mattress?

Years ago, all mattress models were two-sided. People today are still not aware that 75% of mattresses made are only one-sided. No more flipping. This comes as a relief to some, but to others, they have started to doubt the comfort and durability that a one-sided mattress design provides. Many people marked their calendars and religiously flipped, rotated and cared for their beds. The one-sided mattresses do NOT need to be flipped, however we strongly urge our customers to care for their mattresses by simply rotating them. This means a head-to-toe spin every few months. Whether flipping or just turning, the proper care of your mattress will result in much nicer wear and comfort as the bed begins to age.

If you are looking for a two-sided mattress, before you hit the stores make some calls to find out which places in your area have them available. Although big chain-stores often do not carry them and sales people will say that they are no longer manufactured, you will be able to find them. Don’t be worried about the maintenance of a two-sided mattress. There are two simple ways to care for your two-sided mattress. Choose the one you are most energetic about!

  1. Either flip and turn alternating the two, once every two to three months from the day you start sleeping on it.
  2. Treat the mattress as a one-sided, turning every two to three months. Once the mattress has lost it’s comfort over the years, then flip and you have a brand new mattress.

Remember when shopping for a mattress, the most important quality in a mattress whether two-side or one is YOUR comfort. 

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