Two Sided Mattress Care and Maintenance Guide

A two sided mattress might mean double the functional sides of the mattress, but it does not mean double the maintenance. Two sided mattress care and maintenance is just about the same as caring for and maintaining any other kind of mattress. Is it really that important to worry about taking care of your mattress? Doesn’t it take care of you? The truth is that the better you treat your mattress, the better it will treat you. You could sleep on a two sided mattress for more than ten years—that’s nearly four thousand nights that you would spend on this mattress. Here’s how to take care of it to make sure it lasts that long:

1. Use a mattress protector.

You might have two sides of the mattress to use, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect the side you are currently using from dust, spills, bed bugs, mold, and mildew. There are lots of things that might happen to the top side of your mattress and when you use a mattress protector, it is sure to be as safe as it will possibly be. It is especially important to use a protector if your two sided mattress includes any foam or latex, both of which will be easier to break down and damage if they get wet repeatedly.

2. Use a better bed frame.

Does your bedframe actually have anything to do with two sided mattress care? The truth is that your bedframe is vitally important to the life of your mattress. A terrible frame will put extra stress on your mattress while a great frame will not only make your mattress more comfortable, it will protect it from wear and tear. You need a strong frame that will actually easily hold the weight of both the mattress and the occupants of that mattress, and that is supportive enough to prevent bowing in the center of the mattress.

3. Routinely rotate your mattress.

One of the biggest benefits of a two-sided mattress is that you can evenly spread the wear not only over the head and foot of that mattress by rotating it lengthwise, but that you can also flip your mattress over and use that side just as effectively as the first side. In order to maintain the firmness and the cushiness of your mattress, however, you actually have to routine rotate that mattress. Every two to three months, rotate your mattress, first flipping it end to end and then flipping it over.

4. Don’t sit on the edge of your mattress.

It might be tempting to sit on the edge of your mattress when you are talking to someone or putting on your shoes, but this can actually cause your mattress to start to break down. Unless your two sided mattress is made entirely of foam (as some are), there are structural elements in that mattress that can start to pull apart from one another if your routinely sit on the edge of your mattress, especially if you sit in one particular place on that mattress. If that area is weakened, it can ruin the support system of the entire mattress.

5. Use the mattress only for sleeping.

A lot of people find themselves sitting on the bed, using it as a second office or couch. If you use your bed for more than just having sex and sleeping, you are going to find that it breaks down and needs to be replaced much faster than if you only used your bed for sleeping. You’ll also find that it is harder and harder to get to sleep, since your body has started to be accustomed to using the mattress not just for sleeping.

6. Let your mattress breathe.

Whenever you take the sheets off of the bed to wash them, take off the protector too and let your mattress breathe. This will help prevent the formation of mold and the growth of bacteria and will also keep it plump and functional, no matter how often you use it. Just remember to put the mattress protector back on before you replace the sheets.

7. Change your sheets often.

Not only will this help to protect your skin from acne and other blemishes, it can also help to keep your mattress clean. Instead of grinding any dirt or sweat that the sheets have picked up into the surface of your mattress, you remove those sheets and replace them with clean ones, which, in turn, keeps your mattress clean. You might consider changing your mattress pad ever week, too, giving yourself enough time to run your spare through the wash and then swapping them once again.

8. Don’t use a board for support.

Many people will place a board underneath their mattress and on top of their bed frame, believing it will give them and the mattress more support. The truth is that if you are experiencing a sagging mattress and the fault is not your bed frame, you are not going to be doing yourself any favors by putting a board under your mattress. In fact, you’ll simply be breaking down that two side mattress faster.

9. Don’t try to wash your mattress.

Some owners will use the handheld extension on a carpet cleaner, for example, to try to wash their mattress. Water is the natural enemy of your two sided mattress and is going to do nothing for your two sided mattress care. If your mattress has started to develop a smell, look for better spot cleaning and deodorizing options.

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  1. Baxter Abel says:

    I appreciate the suggestion to let your mattress breathe. I wonder how long a good mattress is supposed to last even when you are properly maintaining it? Thanks for the tips, I had no idea that such simply things like letting the mattress breath or rotating the mattress regularly made a difference, I’ll have to try those tips out.

  2. Thank you for all this great information about mattress maintenance! I really like your point about not sitting on the edge of the mattress because it will cause the sides to break down and weaken. We are hoping to find a local mattress store to buy a mattress, so these tips will be great to try and keep it feeling like new.

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