The Ultimate Mattress Size Guide


What size of mattress do you need for your bedroom? The answer may seem simple, but buying the wrong size of mattress is actually one of the biggest mistakes that new buyers make. You might think that you have enough space, but are you really sleeping comfortable during all times of the year? We present to you The Ultimate Mattress Size Guide – all you  need to know about mattresses and their sizes.

Twin Mattresses

A twin mattress is the smallest mattress size available for adults. These mattresses are often reserved for young kids and teenagers, but usually do not provide enough sleeping space for more than one person. The most common size for a twin mattress is thirty-eight inches wide and seventy-five inches long. Most mattresses are actually going to be seventy-five inches long, which many people actually find to be too short. If you are extra tall or you simply want more room at the foot and head of your bed, you might actually want to get an extra-long twin, instead of just a regular twin. This is actually the mattress used by many colleges in their dorms, as it provides a little extra length, without taking up any more width.

Full Mattresses

Sometimes called a double, this mattress size is actually not double the size of a twin mattress. It is, however, usually fifty-three inches wide. This only provides you with another fifteen inches on top of the size of a twin, which might actually be plenty of one person sleeping in this bed, but not for two people. If two people are sleeping on this mattress, each will have less room than if they were each sleeping on a full mattress. These mattresses are also going to be seventy-five inches long. While a full bed might not the right option for couples who want to share a bed, it could be a good choice for teenagers who want to upgrade from the twin they slept on as toddlers and young children. This gives them a little more room, making their bed the focus of their room, where they might do homework, watch television, and hang out with friends.

Queen Mattresses

A queen mattress is sixty inches across and eighty inches long. This only gives you seven more inches than a full mattress and still does not give two sleepers as much room as they would each individually have on a twin bed. They are, however, longer, which could make this mattress size a good option for single sleepers who need a bed that is longer than the standard seventy-five inches. The inches on the sides and head and foot of the bed may make for more comfortable sleeping, depending on your sleep style, which is what makes this mattress size the most popular choice, even for single sleepers. A queen bed is a great choice for a guest room, as it can be both a bed for one person or a bed for two people. It’s also better for smaller master bedrooms where a king-sized bed just would not fit.

King Mattresses

This is the largest mattress that most people are aware of, with seventy-six inches of width and eighty inches of length. This gives two sleepers as much room each as a twin bed. If you were to push two twin mattresses together, they would be about the same size as one king mattress (which might make two twin beds a good option for a guest room, where the beds can be used separately, or they can be pushed together to make one large king bed for couples. Couples who want as much personal space for sleeping as possible should definitely choose a king mattress. It might give you even a little extra room for the kids to jump into bed in the morning. The only drawback is that this bed is large. That means it will be difficult to get into the room and could actually be too large for a small space.

California King Mattresses

This mattress size is a little bit smaller than your king mattress. It is seventy-two inches wide, but is eight-four inches long. It is a better option for narrow rooms where you do not have enough space for a full king size mattress, but still want something larger than a queen. The extra length is also idea for taller people who want to be able to stretch out while they are in bed.

Futon Mattresses

A futon is a great alternative bed for small apartments and guest rooms. It is a couch by day and a bed by night. The variety of futon mattresses available makes it possible for you to find one that has the softness and the density that you prefer, both for sitting purposes and sleeping purposes. There are just as many size options for futons as there are for standard beds.

Crib Mattresses

The mattress you put in your crib is just as important as the mattress you put on your own bed. When buying a crib mattress, it is important to remember that babies have less control over their sleeping position and breathing than adults do, so a firm mattress that they do not sink into (and therefore will not cut off their breathing if they roll onto their stomach in the night) is the very best option for a crib.

Toddler Mattresses

Just like the mattress you put in your crib, a mattress for a toddler should be firm. While many parents will upgrade their children right into a twin bed when they outgrow their crib, you might consider looking for a toddler specific mattress, which often has more bed-wetting protection than your average twin mattress will.

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