10 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas

Though the bedroom might not be the center of the home, it is where most people spend at least a third of their life. Having this space be as relaxing and comforting as possible should be the goal of every interior designer. If you are looking for a few bedroom interior design ideas to get you started, here are some tips and tricks you can employ.

1. Lots of extra pillows

The bed is obviously going to be the focal piece of the bedroom. It is the biggest piece of furniture and the most imposing, and it is probably what in the bedroom will also get the most use. But how do you decorate a bed? Lots of extra pillows can help. While they might not be the kind of pillows that you want to sleep on, they can add a lot of fun and flair to the bed. They are also a great way to work in pops of color if you do not want your bedspread to be too flashy or the walls to be too heavily painted.

2. Get a bigger bed

If you are having trouble filling up your bedroom with furniture, your solution might be to get a bigger med. The smaller your furniture is, the smaller your bedroom looks. Plus, even if you are a lone sleeper, you will enjoy the extra room to spread out. Buying a bigger bed also means buying a bigger mattress. This is your opportunity to buy a high-quality, durable, comfortable mattress. If you’ve never had a new mattress before, you might not realize just how much your mattress might be impeding your bedroom comfort.

3. Use a rug to add color and texture

A rug is another great way to introduce color and visual interest into a room, without having to paint the walls or furniture. A rug under the bed or strategically arranged at the side or foot of the bed can be a great way to fill up visual space and to add something beautiful and unique to your bedroom.

4. Add in a reading chair

If you like to sit and read or work in your room, consider getting a piece of furniture that isn’t your bed that will allow you to do that. Spending too much time reading or working on your bed might train your brain that the bed is not for sleeping, making it more difficult to actually get to sleep once you are ready to. Adding in a reading chair near the bed that is comfortable and complements you room’s décor, is a great way to make your bedroom multi-functional, at a relatively low cost.

5. Make sure you have enough lighting

If you don’t have bedside lamps and lamps for ambient lighting in your bedroom, you probably don’t have enough lighting. While you might avoid trying to cram too many lights into too small a space, you do want your bedroom to be light during the day. Plus, having lights right next to the bed that you can use for reading can reduce eye strain if reading or writing before bed is one of your habits.

6. Add some green

Having something green and alive in your bedroom, even if green would normally clash with the other colors you’ve chosen is a great way to give your bedroom some spirit. Picking a low maintenance plant like a cactus, succulent, or other desert variety is a great way to bring some life (and fresh oxygen) into your bedroom, without actually having to paint anything green or spend that much time caring for it.

7. Get a simple headboard for your bed

Nothing makes a bedroom look more complete than a headboard. Even if you are just using a simple bedframe, box spring, and mattress setup, you can easily add a headboard to your bed. Tufted headboards are very on trend right now, but any kind of headboard can add visual interest to your bedroom. Made from reclaimed pieces of pallets, premade headboards from a home good store, and just about anything else that you can put behind your bed in order to make it look complete and high-style will work.

8. Don’t neglect bedside tables

Bedside tables aren’t just great for holding that glass of water that you like to keep by the side of the bed, they can add a lot of interest into your bedroom. Pick bedside tables that match the scale of your bed. If you have a twin bed, you do not want two massive bedside tables. On the other hand, if you have a king size bed, you are not going to want two tiny tables on either side. Look for tables that match the style of your room’s other décor or look for a set that make a nice counterpoint.

9. Pick an interesting place to put your bed

While the middle of the room might seem like the very best place for you to put your bed, since it will inherently be the focal point of the room, you might want to push it into a corner or set it spanning a corner, to create a unique look for your bedroom. Pushing your bed up against a wall is a good way to create more floor space in a small room, too.

10. Don’t forget about a throw blanket

Not only can a throw blanket act as a little extra warmth in the middle of the night, it can also be a design feature. When the throw blanket matches the color or texture of the throw pillows on your bed, your bed will look complete and fully designed.

We hope this list of useful bedroom interior design ideas is helpful.  Don’t forget to stop by our showroom to get that bedroom revamp started. Our staff will have lots of great suggestions for you in helping you find that perfect night’s sleep.  Visit us today.

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