What are the best bed pillows?

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Pillows, extending your comfort beyond the mattress

So now that you have replaced your old mattress, you may wonder why you still aren’t sleeping exceptionally well? Many factors may contribute to a person’s quality of sleep. One of the most overlooked factors would be their bed pillow. Choosing a new pillow isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Pillows come in so many different comfort levels and size variations. To find your most perfect pillow it is important to first ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What type of comfort do I prefer from a pillow? Firm, Soft or Medium. This will help you to narrow down the many choices.
  2. What is my primary sleep position? Back, Stomach or side sleeper. It is then important to choose a pillow designated for that sleep position or one that is able to support your neck and shoulder area while in that sleep position.
  3. Which profile height of a pillow will best support me while keeping my body in alignment? Petite people may need a thinner profile height in their pillows, taller people may need a higher profile height.

Those three questions should help you get started with your pillow selection. Next step is to get out there and try some. Many sleep shops who specialize in pillows often have samples available with disposable pillowcases for their customers to try out the pillows. If this is the same store where you’ve purchased your mattress you have an added bonus! You can try the pillow on the very mattress you sleep on to better determine the best selection for yourself.

Better quality pillows will be more expensive than some others at big box stores. Quality counts, the better the pillows quality and higher end materials used to make it…..the longer it will be providing comfort to you. I’ve heard so many customers say that they wish they could find a pillow that won’t flatten out after one month. Two years of replacing bad pillows is much more expensive than the original cost of only buying one good pillow once!

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