Guest Bedroom Ideas and Essentials

Guest room ideas

Ideas and Essentials for creating a great Guest Bedroom

With holidays fast approaching, most people find themselves scrambling to create comfortable spaces for their over night guests. Creating a warm, cozy and welcoming guest bedroom can be done easily on any budget. Here are some ideas and essential items to turn any space into a guest room suitable for your overnight guests.

The Mattress– A comfortable mattress for a guest room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If your current guest room mattress is not suitable for guests, replace it. Think about how often it will be slept on by guests and choose a mattress according to that. Remember, if the mattress is not slept on every night you can choose a lower spec and build that you would choose for yourself. It will be comfortable, durable and budget friendly. Your guests will be sure to have a great nights sleep anytime they visit!

The Linens – It’s always a good idea to provide both firm and soft pillows. Clean Linens, layered blankets and comforters according to season will keep your guests comfortable, much like staying in a hotel.

Fresh Flowers – A simple arrangement of fresh flowers on a bedside table or dresser is a simple and inviting touch making your guests feel welcome. My Grandmother always placed fresh flowers in her guest room. As a child and as an adult staying in her home and seeing this always made me feel welcome, special and comfortable.

Wi-Fi Password – Providing your Wi-Fi password in a creative way is useful to guests and also a quick easy piece of décor to add to any guest room.

Jar or Basket of Samples – Not sure what to do with all of your collected toiletry samples? Fill a jar or basket and place them in the guest room. Your guests will thank you for it!

Remember when creating your guest bedroom, that if it’s too nice…….your guests just might never leave:)

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