How Comfortable are Futon’s to sleep on?


People often wonder just how comfortable a futon is to sleep on. Just like any mattress, some are and some are not! The idea most people have of a futon is something that could be found ¬†in a college dorm room. They are metal frames with thin, lumpy mattresses’ on them that leave you feeling every metal bar right through the mattress. These types of futons are typically very uncomfortable.

Futon frames and their mattresses vary in quality and comfort. A futon mattress sold by a specialty store will offer much more comfort than those found at big box chain stores. Choosing a futon mattress that is at least 8 inches in thickness will provide much more comfort than one that is 4-6 inches thick. You will also find that the comfort choices of these quality futon mattresses range from firm to soft, so you can choose the futon mattress that feels the best to you. These mattresses are made with higher end materials such as wool, cotton and even innerspring. A futon is a great option for a small guestroom, vacation home or finished basement.

With the right futon mattress both you and your guests will be pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable a futon can be!

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