How do I choose the right mattress for my child?

This is a question that I am asked frequently. Parents want the very best for their children and are often concerned when choosing a mattress if it will be comfortable as well as durable to grow with their child. A comfortable mattress that will give good support is just as important for a child as it is for an adult. Here are a list of things to ask yourself before starting your search for your child’s new mattress.

  • What size mattress is the best for a child?

Any mattress size will be comfortable, decide which size will work best in the bedroom. Twin and Full size are the most common sizes parents choose for their children.  If you like to lay with your child or anticipate keeping the mattress as the child grows choosing a larger size like full or queen may be a better option.

  • Do I need a box-spring?

Today, many cribs that convert to a bed as well as many popular furniture styles are mattress ready. This means they are specifically designed to use only a mattress, relying on the slat system or platform base to properly support the mattress. Other beds like metal frames or headboard and foot board sets DO require the use of a box-spring. Some parents and children like the platform style when converting from a crib because it keeps the seating height low and easy for a small child to get in and out of. Teenagers are also fond of  the look of this popular style. Your child will get exactly the same support with whichever furniture option you choose.

  •  Do I choose Firm or Plush comfort?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the type of comfort for your child. Keep in mind that children up to even teenagers, do not have the muscle mass that adults do. Children who are very young, or small almost always prefer something softer. Until they reach a heavier weight the only thing the most important thing they are gaining from their mattress is comfort. A very firm bed, often feels twice as firm to them. A softer firm, plush or pillow top are always good comfort choices for children and teens.

  • What type of quality should I look for when choosing my child’s mattress.

First, decide what your expectations are for this mattress. If it’s a starter mattress for your 3 yr old  which you plan to replace at a later point, then any quality should work. If you’d like this mattress to grow with them and stay comfortable as well as durable, look for a model that has a better build and spec.  All mattresses are comfortable, better ones stay comfortable for longer periods of time. If your child does a lot of sitting on the bed to watch T.V. or do homework then you may want to choose a model that features a  higher coil count and has a better edge-support to handle the wear. Your mattress sales associate should be able to point these features and differences out to you.

After you have chosen the perfect mattress for your child, don’t forget the mattress protector! A good mattress protector will protect your new investment from any spills, accidents and even dust-mites and certain allergens!

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