My Mattress Set is TOO High, I Have Difficulty Getting In and Out, What do I do?

  • After Market Bedframes and Bedrails are Available to Lower Your Existing Set.
  • Also, All Mattress Manufacturers Produce “Low – Profile” Boxsprings.
  • Regular Height Boxsprings are Typically 8½” – 9″ High
  • “Low – Profile” Boxsprings are Available in 4″ and 5½” Heights in Every Size (Twin, Full, ¾, Queen, King, etc.).
  • “Split” Boxsprings are Also Available in “Low – Profile.”
  • Warranty, Support, Structure, Durability of Your Mattress Will Not be Adversely Affected by a “Low – Pro” Boxspring.
  • It is Simply a Height Consideration.

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