Two Sided Mattress

Today, most of the mattresses you can buy have only one side. This means that you can only get so much use out of the mattress. While you can flip it around, switching the head to the foot and vice versa, you cannot flip the mattress over. These one-sided mattresses usually have a flat, hard bottom that is only useful when it comes to mating that mattress with a box spring. A two-side mattress, on the other hand, allows you to get much more use out of that mattress. Here at Harleysville Mattress, we have a wide variety of two-sided mattresses to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering a two sided mattress options for those that prefer this type of mattress to a less-versatile one-sided version. A flippable mattress allows you to evenly wear your mattress. Like rotating the tires on your car to ensure they all wear evenly, a 2 sided mattress gives you the opportunity to use both the top and the bottom of the mattress, as well as rotating.

The beauty of buying a two sided mattress from Harleysville Mattress is essentially getting to mattresses for the price of one. Over the years, any mattress will lose its body and comfort as the materials inside become compressed or wear away from use. When you have a two sided mattress, you can simply flip that mattress over and you have mattress that feels brand new again, even if you have already been sleeping on it for five years. Not everyone will want or need a two-sided mattress, but those that do will definitely benefit from the investment. To look at our selection of two-sided mattresses, see below:

  • Laura Ashley Plush Pillowtop Two-Sided Mattress – For those that like a very soft mattress, that makes them feel like they are sleeping on clouds, this is the mattress for you! Made with the very best materials and with a two-sided design that allows you to get as much use out of the mattress as possible, you have everything you need for a great night’s sleep, even years down the road.
  • Laura Ashley Plus Two-Sided Mattress – If you want something a little firmer and a little less standard, this is the option for you. As a two-sided mattress, you can still get years of use out of this single purchase, but you also have the support that you need to get the very best night of sleep you have ever had.
  • Laura Ashley Cushion Firm Two-Sided Mattress – Sleepers that need more support will love the cushion-firm version of our favorite Laura Ashley two-sided mattress. This mattress is constructed with the very best materials, so that it both provides the support that you need to relieve back pain and have a smooth, comfortable rest every single night. Those with aches and pains will love the soft, yet firm body of this mattress and that it can be flipped around and flipped over for years of use.
  • Laura Ashely Firm Two-Sided Mattress – Just because you want a two-sided mattress doesn’t mean that you can’t have a very firm mattress. Sleepers who prefer a very firm mattress that provides support for the back, knees, neck, or sides, will love this mattress and everything it has to offer. High-quality materials and construction make it possible to use this mattress years after a traditional mattress would have lost its bounce.

Two-sided mattresses are a great investment for someone who wants to be able to switch around their mattress and feel like they are sleeping on an entirely new one. If you are considering purchasing a new mattress or would like to learn more about these mattresses, come down to our showroom